A bit about me and this site


First a bit about me, turned 50 in 2017, decided to opt out of the IT rat race and focus on my health.  Have been obese for at least the past 35 years, a checkup just before my 50th birthday showed high cholesterol, high blood pressure – all the indications were pointing to cardio issues.

A friend of mine had been steadily doing Keto for a year, I had not seen him for a while and when I saw him in Oct 2017, I was astonished at the change.  Asking questions and not truly believing the answers…  Can I just eat bacon and eggs, will I be able to give up bread, cereal, skimmed milk, rice, pizza, beer etc.  Credit to Jim, he kept answering my questions and I kept on going back with more.  He had pointed me to the 2ketodudes podcasts, but I never seemed to get around to listening to them.

From January, I had started to wean myself off some carbs, stopped eating pasta first, followed by rice, then bread – was still holding on to my breakfast cereal though – oh, and beer of course.

We met up for lunch in late Feb 2018 and once again I had a big list of questions. I had started that day with a huge carb laden breakfast, and our lunch was decadent, so was feeling very very full by the time I got home at 4pm.  Next morning, I was still stuffed, so decided that this will be day 1 – went for a long walk and unintentionally, did my first 20 hour fast.

Starting weight was 15st 11lb or around 100kg.

Today, nearly 6 months down the line, I am 12st 13lb or around 82kg.

Dropped from XXX/XXL to L, 40/38″ waist jeans to 32″

So.  why have I decided to start a blog, well, the chief aim is to document my attempts at creating delicious low carb food, which I will also share on Instagram.  By putting them here, I can hopefully provide either laughs or inspiration (maybe both) to others and also very keen to see if anyone can adapt what I make.  Most of my creations will have been ripped off from somewhere else on the web, I will always indicate the source recipe in each post.

I may also divert and post the odd observation, lowcarb tip, holiday pic and (apologising to the low carbers) some pics of beer which I still enjoy – as that is the only carb rich item I have not given up – no need to at the moment, so happy days.

Hope you enjoy.

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