#1: Flax Seed Crackers

I love cheese and biscuits so was delighted when I learnt that cheese is a low carb food. During the early days I had a sneaky cream cracker and then added it to my food tracker – the amount of carbs in a single cracker was a shock. I was gutted that I would now miss out.

Soon after, I listened to the 2ketodudes podcast – episode 11 where Richard gave out a recipe for flax seed crackers. I simply had to try it and now always have some ready in a tub for whenever the fancy takes me.

Credit goes to Richard Morris for this recipe, links to the podcast and his recipe are above.

This is my version… not too far from the original to be honest.


  • 100g ground flax seeds (If you have whole seeds, just grind them up in a blender/coffee grinder)
  • 100ml water
  • Seasoning to taste. I use a mix of pink salt, dried chilli flakes, dried oregano and a dry mixed italian seasoning


Macros (taken from Cronometer)

For the full recipe (who am I to decide what the right portion size is for you) 🙂




Whole flax seeds look like this.


Grind them up and you are left with a fine powder, to which you add your seasoning and mix thoroughly.


Add the water


and start mixing, when it starts to look like this, leave it for 5 minutes.


Stir some more and it will start forming a dough.


You can then split the dough into 3 or 4 portions and start rolling it out between 2 sheets of baking/grease proof paper.

Usually we roll it until its around 2-3mm thick, however one batch we did a little thicker and they came out really good.



You can now either cut the sheet into sections or leave as is.

Leaving the baking paper top and bottom, put onto a plate and microwave for 2 minutes (your timing may vary) so check after 90 seconds. If they appear soft when warm, let them cool and they should become crisp.

Doing a big circle will most likely mean you middle section will burn before the edges have cooked, so we tend to now cut little circles or squares and place around the edge of a plate when microwaving.






There you have it, you can see that I did not leave the middle of the plate empty, hence some of the crackers on the cusp of being burnt.

I have now settled on a thickness of around 4-5mm and round circles.

Let me know what seasonings you have tried and how they turned out.

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