The New and the Old

Got two new gadgets on Friday afternoon, however have had a very busy holiday weekend so not have had a chance to get stuck in.


The tablet replaces my “old” Samsung Note 10.1 that I got in 2014 and the Arsenal is a kickstarter camera gadget that is full of the latest industry buzzwords like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Assistant etc.

I signed up for it last year when I was looking to do more with my DSLR Camera, since then though I have found that I am enjoying cooking and baking more so photography has been on the back burner for a while.

I find I  need to be in the right mood to start tackling a new gadget, I have read a few reviews and thoughts from fellow new owners and I have the joys of numerous failed attempts to upgrade the firmware before ultimately succeeding only then to find it might have connectivity issues with my camera.

I am not in the right mood for that right now.

This is where the old comes into it.  I purchased my trio (Rega Planar 3/Linn K9, Pioneer Amp, Celestion Speakers) in 1988. They have been sat in my loft for the past 11 years and last month I made space for them in my study. So, faced with the frustrations of dealing with new technology, I am instead opting for the old and put on an 80s LP, sitting back and letting the music take over.


The new gadgets can just wait.

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