#4: Chocolate Salted Caramel Shortbread

I have been meaning to write this up for a few weeks now, but each time I made it, there was something not quite right.  It was all to do with ratios: the ratio between almond flour and butter for the base, as well as the ratio between the base, caramel and chocolate.

I think what I have done is get 95% of the way there, and that is good enough for me.  I like the 95th Percentile! (in joke for those I worked with).

This recipe is a progression from #2: Pecan Pie Bites.  I wanted something with a bit more substance, so went looking for an almond flour pie/crust recipe.  I found quite a few, each with different ratios and ingredients which was frustrating, so I took an average and went from there with a simple almond flour and butter mix.

This recipe makes 6 individual 6cm diameter portions and one sharing 12cm portion.  Why these sizes?  They are the moulds/tins that I have. 🙂

Ingredients (Base/Crust)

  • 100g Almond Flour
  • 50g Butter
  • 10g Sweetener (I use Total Sweet Xylitol)
  • 3g Ground Cinnamon (optional – I just love the taste)


Ingredients (Salted Caramel)

  • 113g Butter
  • 150g Fresh Double Cream
  • 38g Sweetener (I use Total Sweet Xylitol)
  • 4g Vanilla Essence (optional)
  • 1.5g Fine Himalayan Pink Salt (optional – leave out if you don’t want salted caramel)


Ingredients (optional extras I chose for my last bake)

  • 10g chopped Almonds for a 6cm portion
  • 10g chopped Walnuts for a 6cm portion
  • 40g chopped Pecans for the 12cm portion


Ingredients (Chocolate Topping)

  • 125g 85% Dark Chocolate
  • 30g Butter


Macros (taken from Cronometer)

For the full recipe, including the nuts (who am I to decide what the right portion size is for you) 🙂 I cut the 6cm portions into 4 and the 12cm portion into 8.  Results in 32 pieces at around 17g a portion, which is approx 0.5g Net Carbs.

Full Recipe Macros


The base is simple enough. Mix the 3 dry ingredients together. Melt the butter in the microwave and add the dry mix. Stir until it comes together and then, once cooled a little, get your hand in just knead it for a minute to help get it really well combined.  It will be crumbly but will just about hold together enough to roll out.

I then roll it out to a 6cm thickness using my excellent rolling pin I got from the kids for my birthday.  I used to outsource the rolling out of things to my wife, but I am getting good at it now. 🙂

I then use the 6 moulds and press out the individual portions and transfer to a baking sheet.  The rest of the dough is then gathered together and pressed into the 12cm cake tin, covering all the bottom.  Don’t forget to dock the pastry.

Docked Pastry, read for the oven

Pop into a 180° C pre-heated oven for 12 minutes or until you can see them turning golden.  After taking them out, I then try to let them cool for at least an hour before popping them in the fridge or freezer (depending on how rushed for time I am).

Once the crust has cooled, its time to start on the caramel.  The following is a shameless cut and paste from the ‘Pecan Bites‘ section.

First you need to brown your butter. Put the butter in a pan on a medium heat, stir frequently until golden and don’t let it burn. Sounds easy enough.

2018-08-20 14.06.43

Nice and yellow, bubbling away, stir away and then this happens.

2018-08-20 14.07.33

Bubbles, lots of them, still yellow, keep stirring and then..

2018-08-20 14.08.12

Frothy butter. Problem is, I can’t now see what the actual colour of the butter is under all this froth, so you need to stir faster to get a peek at what is under it – quite hard to do with your left hand while you are trying to take a photo with your phone in your right hand. Got a pic though…

2018-08-20 14.08.41

That looked browned enough to me, esp the bits at the edge, so I move on to step 2 which is to add the cream and whisk together till combined.

2018-08-20 14.09.06

Once combined, lower the heat to a simmer and add the sweetener, salt (if you want it) and vanilla extract and whisk for 5 minutes or so until the mixture starts to darken and thicken. Will start off looking like this.

2018-08-20 14.09.34

Then everything goes calm and you have this

2018-08-20 14.11.27

It’s at this stage, after about 3 minutes, where I start thinking that it’s not going to thicken, so I turned up the heat a bit and carried on whisking. Soon, I get..

2018-08-20 14.15.11

You can feel the mixture thickening. Maybe I could have taken it a minute further and got it darker, but I was happy with it so took it off the heat.  At this stage, you can add the nuts if you want.  What I did was first spoon 1 tablespoon of the caramel into each of the 6 individual moulds, then added my 10g walnuts to one mould, 10g almonds to another and then added a second tablespoon of caramel into each mould.

I then added the 40g of pecans into the pan, mixed and added to the larger pie.

You can see that on this occasion, I didn’t let the caramel go too dark.



Once again, let them cool down for about 30 minutes and then pop in the fridge or freezer until the caramel is set.

Once set, time for the chocolate.  Put the butter and chocolate in a bowl that is sat on a pan of hot water (Bain-marie).

I used an 85% dark chocolate from Moser Roth – available in Aldi. You get 5x25g bars in a pack, so use a full pack of 5 portions for this recipe.

2018-10-15 15.44.48

Once melted, I put one tablespoon of the chocolate buttery goodness into each of the smaller moulds, and then the rest into the larger one.

You now need to let this cool (this cooling is the most frustrating one).  I tend to let it stand for 10 minutes and then straight to the freezer for an hour or so.

Don’t forget to lick the bowl as there will be quite a bit of lovely chocolate left stuck to the sides.


After what seems like ages, get them, cut them and eat them 🙂


2018-10-15 17.02.282018-10-15 17.05.42

These need to be stored in the fridge to maintain their texture.  I am quite happy with the ratios, though I may try a 60% ratio for the pastry next time as it needs to be a firmer/more biscuity.

Hope you enjoy and let me know if you try this (or have a better ratio/method for the crust).

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