572 Days Later…..

Hello. Missed me ?

It has been a while since my last post, 572 days in fact.

This will be a rambling catch up post, shorter updates and new recipes will follow along with whatever else I think to share.

So, what have I been up to and why did I stop writing

I started a new job in Nov 2018 with a local company, great fun and a happy workplace which felt a bit strange for me when looking at the latter years with my previous employer. It was full time and involved looking at 2 monitors all day. By the time I came home, the last thing I wanted to do was turn on my laptop, so the blog took a hit as I “went off” computers for a while. Strange since I had been in IT for 30 years, but the work was always varied and I probably only spent all day looking at screens on few occasions, at the new place it was all day.

After a few months, I started to get headaches, I had to get new “VDU” glasses for work and, being an awesome company, they agreed to let me work part time (mornings). This helped a great deal, but still I had no motivation to write, though I did now have time to experiment with more recipes in the afternoon.

In August 2019 a good friend of mine (who used to work for me) asked if I would be interested in working in his team, I met him and his boss and felt I could add a lot of value as the challenges they were facing were ones I had seen and overcome before, so my experience would really help. It was too good an opportunity, so, with regret, I handed in my resignation at the local place and started my new job in Sept 2019, still part time.

I now work from home, looking at 4 screens, but no headaches and strangely, I need to wear my normal glasses, so the “VDU” glasses are now just used at night to read.

The new job is going very well, better than I or my friend (now my boss) envisaged. The whole company vibe is exciting and I feel so energised it’s like I am 30 again. Start each day at 7:00 am, raring to go and need to be disciplined enough to stop at 1:00 pm, especially during lockdown.

Time to point some of this new found energy back here and start writing again, so look out for more posts coming soon.

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